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It’s been the festival of Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastia. From what I’ve heard in the Revetlla Flexas was great and every passing year is consolidating more and more of the labor Terremoto & friends and more this year that have not mounted kiosk Ben Amics. If we add to this event in the popular festival with DJ is Jonquet Paquita and the two events have firecrackers and fun these days. Otherwise have been a festival that will be forgotten soon by a nefarious program by the municipality of Palma and explosive cyclogenesis was with jaranero pussy.

Now begins the hard truth of January, February, March, April and May … The next stop before Easter is the Carnival so you have to have already thought the costume though some we already disguised throughout the year. We have already crossed the Ecuador of the autumn-winter and is less for spring comes so p’arriba mood and pa out demons. Let the winter is best, good vibes and encouragement!!


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