A little firecracker Sant Sebastia

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While “foravileras” are already in full celebration of the holidays in Palma Sant Antoni Queen indifference and disgust before a holiday program of Sant Sebastia mediocre and boring Gomila on a Tuesday night.

The stars of the revetl.la will Jarabe de Palo, Pitingo and Victoria Maldi … enough said, a little shit like few others. If one looks a little backfiring will find mostly the night of 18 with DJ Paquita enlivening as each year’s bonfire Jonquet that year after year and hand Toni Sorell is becoming an unavoidable event. Also on the night of 18 but in Spain Square Auryn my beloved act, Fraag Bad and The Musicalité at the concert organized by the 40 Principales. If I can take a picture with the Auryn and I can die in peace with myself.
The night of 19 as firecracker will be in the Plaza de Cort from the hand of our beloved Storm Balearic to encourage the meeting of DJ Juan Campos with their success now and always. also the night of the 19th will be the popular Popera on the bonfire to be organized in the Bar Christian 96 (C / Antich 5). In the KFE and the MICHEL organize a toast and as usual in Flexas go Reassemble more petarda Revetla. To save this year have abolished fireworks so excited to José María Rodríguez and the night of January 21 there will be the traditional Correfoc with dimonis that are cheaper. To sum up, we had a great time but no thanks from the City .


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